Clean and Renewable Energy Systems 

Clean energy generally refers to energy sources which produce energy directly without significant carbon emissions, while renewable energy sources are those that do not deplete with usage. The major clean and renewable energy sources are based on solar, wind, marine, geothermal, hydro and nuclear reaction. With improving carbon capture technologies, bio-fuels and conventional fossil fuels may also be regarded as clean energy in future. Fuel cells can be important clean energy converters if hydrogen supply is available. While using clean and renewable energy sources are not new concepts, there has been renewed interest in recent years due to high fossil fuel prices, dwindling conventional sources, environmental concerns, and advancements in power engineering and power electronics.

Our current research areas in Clean and Renewable Energy Systems are:

  • Electrical generators for wind, marine, hydro and nuclear energy systems;
  • Power grid integration of distributed generation resources;
  • Low voltage ride-through and grid codes in wind, marine and solar energy systems;
  • Power system protection, stability and reliability;
  • Instrumentation and condition monitoring in energy systems;
  • Power control in solar, wind and marine energy systems;
  • Superconducting, wireless, and high-voltage DC power transmission.


Research in Clean Energy Electrical Sub-Systems


Research in Wind and Tidal Turbines Power Control


Research in Grid Integration Issues of Distributed Generation

Research in Hybrid Solar and Wind Power Systems