Intelligent Energy Distribution and Storage  

With the increased usage of distributed generation resources and the need for higher energy network security, future energy distribution networks will require flexible transmission and distribution grids, smart network control and energy management, intelligent islanding and micro-grids. Because clean energy sources typically result in electric power generation which is distributed in space and time and not directly matched to consumer demand, energy storage systems are also necessary for higher penetration of clean energy. These distributed energy storage systems embedded close to the electrical loads are required to store energy in forms which can be readily converted back to electrical energy in order to meet load demands.

Our current research areas in Intelligent Energy Distribution and Storage are:

  • Microgrids sub-systems and energy management;
  • Smart energy metering, billing and trading;
  • Intelligent building power distribution;
  • Development of flywheel energy storage systems;
  • Battery energy storage systems;
  • Ultra-capacitor energy storage systems;
  • Grid to electric vehicle infrastructure. 

Research in Micro-Grids with Distributed Generation


Research in Intelligent Energy Management

Research in Smart Building Power Distribution

Research in Development of Flywheel Energy Storage System


Research in Battery Energy Storage Systems for Renewable Energy